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tv   Headline News  RT  September 17, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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no u.n. resolution on syria's chemical disarmament should allow the use of force according to russia's foreign minister who tells his french colleague he wants more pressure on the syrian opposition to join peace talks. a mass shooting in the u.s. capitol leaves thirteen dead in the lone gunman targeting the heavily guarded naval facility motives behind it concern clear. nazi speaks exclusively to the lawyer of whistleblower edward snowden together the details of the fugitive is everything in life months after his revelations lifted the veil on the n.s.a.'s sweeping snooping activities.
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costing live from moscow this is r.t. russia and france both want progress in syria's chemical disarmament hadn't yet agreed on how to get them the country's top diplomats failed to reach a consensus on a un resolution on syria and the moscow meeting. the document to allow the use of force but russia doesn't want t's'pol scott has more the tone of the press conference was really rather interesting with both sides stressing and highlighting their similarities rather than their differences whiteside saying that their objectives for syria are the same that is peace in the country brought about by diplomatic diplomatic and political means the only difference really seems to be how to get there in particular the wording of this u.n. security council resolution. the u.n. security council resolution on syria's chemical disarmament won't be under chapter
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seven we clearly stated that in geneva and the document we signed there doesn't mention chapter seven but the u.n. will definitely control the entire disarmament process and will take measures if the process is not followed and it determines there haven't been any provocations so now the united nations will try to find common ground and try and agree on a resolution that would really give a legal and binding support to the deal that was agreed in principle between moscow and washington in geneva over the weekend this is the deal that syria have also agreed to it would see damascus disclose and declare that chemical weapons stockpile by the end of the wake they have it destroyed by the middle of next year now the usa the u.k. and france of course suggesting that the threat of military intervention and sanction should remain on the table if damascus fails to comply with this resolution however russia says this is counterproductive and are necessary and only if damascus fails to comply only then should the issue been taken back to the u.n.
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security council or not before and that the threats of military intervention and sanctions should not be included in the bill and will show resolution that the other topics that were discussed by the foreign ministers in moscow on tuesday included the possibility of the geneva two conference where both sides in the syrian conflict get around the table and try and discuss a way a peaceful resolution to the end of the conflict now russia says they can get represented as representatives from the syrian government around the table however the opposition are unlikely to do so without the precondition that president bashar al assad stands down but at the moment that looks extremely unlikely. well the u.n. report which came out on monday confirmed that chemical weapons were used in syria last month but it doesn't say who carried out the attack the u.s. britain and france all think the information doctrine points to the syrian government not so fast says russia's ambassador to the even vitaly churkin russia believes rebel involvement should be investigating the origin of the sarin the
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stuff we used and where they were launched from. one question which i sort of wondered out loud about in the course of consultations and there was no answer to that you know you have the scenario of the use of chemical weapons on august twenty one by the government forces they are fighting with opposition armed groups and they fire a number of rockets with chemical weapons. trying to get to those armed opposition groups and there are no casualties in the opposition groups is it even stereotypically possible to fire five or six rockets against your opponent and have all of them missed the targets russia's deputy foreign minister is in damascus and is expected to further discuss how the joint disarmament plan by russia and the u.s. will be implemented meanwhile there are reports that syria has given its allies information pointing to the rebels using chemical weapons it's not yet clear which countries
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allegedly received the information technologies are hoping to bring you more with our correspondent a little later. michael i'm a live worked for the u.s. defense department in a thirty years he showed r.t. what he claims is a classified u.s. intelligence report. al-qaeda linked rebels from the this reference in possession of sarin gas with documents also states that the poison could be used in an attack on syria's largest city aleppo in march. i have. a report from a source who has direct connections with two to classified information it's one one page i mean expecting others it's classified secret no foreign it's from the n g i c or the national ground intelligence center the u.s. military did an assessment based upon fifty indicators and clandestine interviews
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that the sourcing siren originated out of iraq into turkey before some of it was confiscated in may in turkey and that there has actually been a more significant amount of crn production both in iraq and in turkey going to the going to the opposition principally al-qaeda and we've had separate reports now that al qaeda elements are rather significant numbers and have and now have permeated into the opposition so the ability to be able to. distinguish who gets what and where is going to makes it much more problematic for this administration and meanwhile the car bomb has exploded in syria at a checkpoint at the country's border with turkey seven people have reportedly been killed in the blast and early reports said at least
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a dozen people have been taken to hospital and we'll bring you more on this as we get it. on what's going on in syria on our website right now we're reporting about bomb administration waving federal law provisions to supply the syrian rebels and want to dot com for more on that. mass shooting at a heavily guarded u.s. naval command center there thirteen people dead including the gunman himself shooter is believed to be a former navy reservist but it's still unclear what drove him to carry out the attack washington navy yard is the navy's largest on shore establishment. president obama has described later shooting as a cowardly act and while the u.s.
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has witnessed numerous gun attacks in recent years. in the rember two thousand and nine thirteen people were killed and thirty two injured in a rampage carried out by an army psychiatrist at fort hood texas two years later twelve people were shot dead the gunman entered a movie theater in aurora colorado and less than six months after that adam lanza attacked the sandy hook elementary school killing twenty six mostly children. in march the syrian other shooting spree at a military base there three did including the attack a woman far on from the service personnel a few months later and the only employee twenty three year old killed five people including his own father and santa monica writes a shooting left the country's capital in turmoil government facilities and schools were placed on lockdown and flights suspended from a nearby airports and other targeted navy command centers just blocks away from capitol hill in the white house as you can see here on this map political analyst gordon duff says that such incidents highlight major flaws in america's security
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system. the issue we have i think is that we have a massive amount of security in places where it's highly visible where the threats are really very very low they're done for appearance sake only. america is it is a country with maybe two hundred million or more privately owned weapons. the idea of increasing security in the united states the people are very much against it they're tired of twelve years of being followed catalog wiretapped apparently all our mail being read. people are tired of that and there is no amount of violence that's going to bring the american people to a point where they're going to want more government more watching more security more big brother. well coming up later in the program a euro skeptic group may play a key role in germany's upcoming elections on the mining the chances of on the
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merkel's party and their allies forming a governing coalition details in a few minutes. looking it was terrible they are looking very hard. to get along a lot better back with the earthquake there look. look
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look. look. look look. look look look. look look look look look. look look. a bubble. welcome back rights watch claims there's evidence that already security forces routinely detain in the buz children suspected of participating in antigovernment protests that's according to a press release issued today and here's a quote from that document it says the information recently obtained from victims' family members and local rights activists suggest that bahraini authorities often
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whole children for long periods in detention and subject them to similar forms of mistreatment as adult detainees including beatings and threats of torture nicholas were given one of the authors of the report shared some of the alarming details it's part of a broader cracked bone on bahraini society an arbitrary detentions already corman mistreatment and detention is common and it often rises to the level of torture what we found is that there is a failure to distinguish between child detainees and adults so the children are mistreated in the same manner as i don't i think the most alarming kind of serenading issues referring to in this brief research that we conducted was the children being threatened with rape children being threatened with electrocution and children being beaten one point. of a police station was only stopped or lessened when our senior officer was brought
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onto the bosh and he reportedly said beat them but do it quietly with the evidence that we produced would appear to be perhaps only the tip of the iceberg unfortunately. a month has already passed since russia granted asylum to fugitive american whistleblower edward snowden hasn't been seen in public since then or any details of his current life revealed my colleague to man would say i spoke to artie's lindsey france for more on the mystery man. so when is this new well that's the question everyone wants answered as quickly as possible there was word when he left the airport initially that he was actually staying with american friends so we sat down with anatoly cucina now which is to be a lawyer assisting him ever since he got here in russia we asked him that very question and this is what he has to say. it is impossible at the moment to reveal where he's living will talk openly about it we believe the danger remains quite high what sort of danger do you mean we. should give up the well which is what you
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have to understand is that he's being persecuted by a major power in the us government and we fear that they could use some very serious consequences. even within the russian territory i mean they can chase and catch you clear in russia if you do you know i don't think that is going to happen but we saw american special forces intervening in other countries is going to also with regards to our own citizens they get detained abroad and transferred to us territory. this he go out. of course we don't he walks he can travel he enjoys travelling and he's interested in our history has he been recognised in the streets were while he was travelling you know he hasn't been recognised not so far ok so he hasn't been recognised on the street so far but he is paying for his own private security team to watch out for him and his father is reportedly coming to visit him very serious gotta get all the paperwork taken care of so there we go speaking of security there was talk of him getting a job here so i'm guessing that he must be getting some kind of funding somewhere
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how's that going on for him i mean does he have any office on the table do we know of that well there's plenty of offers the question is will it be a book deal that he takes up will it be work as a program or will it be a talk show who knows we asked about this specifically and here's what he told us he's still receiving a huge number of offices and people are writing to him and calling there for assistance because they understand that this man needs to settle here he also gets calls from business executives from different companies who want to give him a job have there been any offers which surprised you. yes there was a woman about fifty years old who couldn't suggest. i found that pretty amusing yet as you can imagine an adoption office pretty amusing and also when he was in the airport he was also getting marriage proposals from women here and as you can imagine any business executive it would increase the public attention on their company if edward starting were to take a job there but i could china does mention that he is very interested in that
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snowden is interested in doing human rights activism here in russia especially in light of what brought him here to begin with so we'll be watching that closely. but that was just a preview of our exclusive interview with the lawyer assisting and snowden you can catch it in full the next week here on r.t. so if you. germany will be electing a new parliament this weekend then it's promising to be a close race with no party heading for an outright majority coalition talks although likely with some of the factions possibly having a decisive influence on what the in the study looks like come next week when she's put all of her attended a rally of one of the parties that is now unexpectedly so to make a crucial difference. that germany's political new kids on the block but it does
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seem that alternative for germany will have a key role to play and shaping what the country does politically over the next few years no the most recent polls ahead of the elections next sunday suggest that alternative germany will be taking a good four percent it's expected they'll take far more from not when germans actually get in to the voting at the polling stations now five percent is what you need to take a seat in the bundestag and it seems alternatively germany will do just that a euro skeptic party they are anti euro and their party leader has been outlining exactly what he wants to do when just when the alternative for germany gets into the bundestag well you know that but you're a skeptical skeptical of the efforts to find her and that we have a number of other issues like for instance our energy policy or like the ability of our social security systems and i know because of great need you to ration your
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needs i can you show off if you change everything so he's ok i'm just going to you will the next four years as much as this is being a good campaign for alternative for germany it's been horrific for angular merkel's current coalition partners the free democrats in fact many of the voters that would have voted for a democrat seem to be turning towards other parties like alternative for germany now what that could mean is some pretty dicey discussions when it comes to getting together a coalition here after the election and alternatively germany's members are saying that if angle a merkel wants them to be part of a coalition it's her that's going to have to move towards them not the other way round but we will never work with angela merkel if she is not willing to soften her stand on the your as it is right now it would be a real upset if angler merkel wasn't returned as german chancellor after sunday's ballot but it does seem that after the votes of being cast the real political wrangling will start when it comes to forming a new cold. here in germany. we have some breaking news now out from
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syria russia's deputy foreign minister is in damascus amid reports that the soon government gave it is crucial information about the use of chemical weapons in the country our correspondent for national reports by phone now from damascus the russian deputy foreign minister the he went for a militant today here in damascus and that is yet another meeting of the country's department and the last week of course to make a deal russia connecticut agreed on tuesday to go in geneva accord and to reach. the shore you remove the chemical weapons by me two thousand and fourteen and the fourth and over a full recovery within a week and of that meeting we think that the jews are closing down in detail exactly how in a loop or two or even well written on the gear we who would want to see went forward minute that period had biled and prove that it will have been more used in
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iraq by the minute and that information was planted or we. don't know the details of. the information and we expect to have more. to it but when we are in that. on air and online i head to our website for more including a following in french footsteps as paris models clubbing with a just symbols universities a british m.p. calls for muslim veils to be done in u.k. schools. in modern america one company's drones have been grounded on authorized mapping flights of a cleaner all those flood zones form that dot com. right to see. first straight shooters and i think picture. on a recorder with their. instrument. on
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. already some other global news for you now the costa concordia cruise liner has been pulled off life twenty months after it ran aground off the coast of tuscany killing thirty two people will now be towed away and scrapped after nineteen hours of efforts by engineers the crash starboard side was hauled out of the water no pollution from the wreckers been detected so far three hundred ninety interestingly enough to make double the tonnage. mexico continues to contend with flooding and landslides after two powerful storms left more than thirty people dead and wayne harkening grid has been raging on both east and west coast at the same time the disaster forced the evacuation of tens of thousands of people from the script in
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regions thousands of houses were buried in the mudslides with many more. electricity. and a glowing message was beamed onto the side of the japanese embassy in berlin overnight he actually in protest plans recent victory to hosting twenty twenty one games was organized by german doctors on. the stand was designed for the latest spike in radiation levels at the fukushima nuclear plant two crew members from artie's video agency ruptly were briefly detained by police while filming the protest. and civil rights groups have been raising the alarm in the u.s. over the weekend police officers opened fire on unarmed civilians in two different states are these abby martin takes on the issue in breaking the set. over the weekend america's grossly over militarized police force once again showed its true
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colors first in charlotte north carolina where police killed twenty four year old football player jonathan ferrell who was seeking help after miraculously surviving a car crash a homeowner called nine one one and told the dispatcher is that a man was repeatedly knocking on door to leave when they arrived at the scene fairly charged at them but something tells me that by charge they meant stumbling injured so naturally want to cops fired a stun gun when that failed to stop him another police officer opened fire and killed him but not to be outdone in the police brutality department on the same day in new york city the n.y.p.d. opened fire in times square toward a man pretending to point a gun at officers sort of hitting the crazy man who was later found to be an armed police truck two female bystanders can serve more like shoot first ask questions later. and the artistic director who rushes both brother has returned to work eight months
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after an acid attack that nearly blinded him so i feel in has injured dozens of operations on his eyes and face on the bolshoi's top adonis is known for playing the villain in swan lake he's not on trial for ordering the attack the instant expose bitter rivalries inside the world of russian caused ripples worldwide let's get more enough maltese correspondent nina conscionable who is at the bolshoi theatre for us live now would you know well today the bolshoi theatre ushers in a new season doesn't it but this is a poignant moment for a surrogate for the. right well it really seems to be tough times for the bolshoi theater are finally over and it is completely ready to face of the new season especially after the artistic director and as a backup to how man it was indeed a long awaited comeback and mystery filling looks smogs and al again ten he was also wearing he has the usual already usual accessory sunglasses now at this troops
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reunion there was no mansion up this horrific assett attack that really shattered the cultural world of the russian capital in january of this year now one of the top dancers a theater piebald make the chant go who actually used to play billions on stage is now on trial on torture so it would bring this time and after months and months so freely long treatments and to dozens of operations to be fillin says that he might still need them medical treatments but still for now the artistic director is back at the theater or. the theater live for us thanks so much indeed but in the culture it. was promised abby martin is breaking the set for you stay with us.
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we've talked before about people getting in trouble throughout the usa just for gardening in fact according to the christian science monitor a couple of florida has been fined five hundred dollars a day until they dig up their vegetable garden which is on their own property immediately people who write these articles draw comparisons to communist russia where people weren't allowed to grow their own food unless the state allowed it yes the revolutionary period in russia forced agriculture to change rapidly and often against the will of many of those involved and this did lead to starvation revolution isn't fun but what about after that well stalin and khrushchev gave out a lot of doctors which are private summer houses where people garden and also there were markets in the soviet union where people could bring the food they grew to sell to see all these pictures behind me these are people in the soviet union selling food they produced privately and legally but there were some moments in
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soviet history when there were some taxes placed on the sale of your personal goods from your personal labor which according to russian website history of taxes was around ten percent whether you love or hate communism more than anything doesn't matter this half truth about shooting soviet gardeners burns like wildfire on the american side of the internet the real truth is that in fact in the us government for every reason in various forms clamps down on private gardens it isn't the same as communism but it's actually technically worse than communism for the majority of its lifespan where you could guard it up as you like excluding the brutal revolutionary period but that's just my opinion. live.
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live live. live . a little.
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of that. what's up guys welcome to break in this set i'm out of the mind over the weekend america's grossly over militarized police force once again showed its true colors first in charlotte north carolina where police killed twenty four year old football player jonathan ferrell who was seeking help after miraculously surviving a car crash a homeowner called nine one one and told dispatchers that a man was repeatedly knocking on door to leave when they arrived at the scene feral target at them but something tells me that by charge they meant stumbling injured so naturally one of the cops fired a stun gun when that failed to stop him another police officer opened fire and killed him but not to be outdone in the police brutality department on the same day in new york city the n.y.p.d. opened fire in times square toward a man pretending to point a gun at officers sort of hitting the crazed man.


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